Shopify and Bigcommerce are popular names in the ecommerce sector. They’re known to be the leading ecommerce solution providers in the market nowadays. Whether you’re selling physical goods or digital, these two platforms can be used to create your store online and sell them. However, if we compare both of them, Shopify is the best option available.

This article discusses the reasons why you should select Shopify Plus over Bigcommerce.

Firstly, let’s compare the pricing plans for both the platforms. The price of Shopify ranges from $9 (which is the initial lite package) to $300 per month. You can integrate your Facebook with Shopify with the Lite Package. Furthermore, Shopify offers its users a 2 week free trial as well.

The standard package for Bigcommerce costs about $29 and the most expensive one if for $260. If we compare the standard packages for both the platforms, we see that Bigcommerce standard package provides the following features:

Rating System, Gift Cards, Reporting Function, and shipping quotes that work in real time.

With Shopify, a free app is available with the name ‘product reviews’ that functions as a rating system. Another benefit is that there is not a particular sales limit with the Shopify plan. Whereas, with the standard package of BigCommerce, there is a sales limit of $50,000 for users.

Moreover, both the platforms provide a 10% discount when you pay for the yearly plan in advance. However, Shopify offers 20% off when you make a 2 year advance payment.

When considering free themes and templates, Shopify is again a step ahead of BigCommerce. Along with this, the themes offered by Shopify are distinct from each other and there is a wide variety as compared to BigCommerce themes.

Furthermore, with both the platforms, you can connect with different payment gateways to your website/store. However, Shopify provides more payment gateways as compared to Bigcommerce.

When we talk about product categories, Shopify is much simple and quick to use ad compared to Bigcommerce. It’s simple to add products and form smart categories manually as per your conditions of supply.

Lastly, Shopify provides support to its users 24/7. In case of any query, users can contact Shopify through call, live chat and email. Moreover, users can take help from the blogs written by professional programmers and developers as well. Thus, if you’re looking forward to start an online business or switch to another platform, Shopify is your best option.